The 1980's were a time of trying to shift away from the perms and bell bottoms of the previous decades to produce a more sleek and modern look. Where the 70's seemed to change and build of parts of the 60's, the 80s fashion did a complete 180 and ran in a different direction.

The Hair 
Teasing your hair to create high bangs was all the rage and the higher, the better. Creating new looks that had not been tried previously lead to interesting trends. Men and boys were going for a bowl cut that produced a kind of 3d look to the hair that was had not been done in men's hair styles before. Long hair was no longer "cool" being replaced by close-cropped hair and the "Cesar" cut. Woman's hair became shaped by a product revolution. The free use of hair sprays to gain height to hair, especially bang, put new purpose to an old product. Electronic inventions and hair techniques lead to new wavy effects such as crimping the hair or feathering the sides. The hair of the 1980's was a stark contrast to previously trends.

The Clothes
Denim previously thought to be clothes of farmers and hippies took on new meaning when it was turned into a signature of 1980's fashion, the jean jacket. A staple of the era and a must have for any wardrobe, both for causal of formal events the jean jacket was a versatile accessory. With the emergence of denim as fashion, denim was taken to a new place by adding colors and styles like stonewashed or acid washed jeans. These designer jeans we no longer for outcasts they were the required uniform for the trend setters.

The Brands
Whereas previous clothes has brand names, the 1980's introduced wearing the brand on your sleeve to show your style. Your jeans could not just be jeans; they had to be Jordache Jeans. With the emergence of new brands and associated logos, if you did not have an alligator on your Lacoste shirt, the Adidas logo on your shoe or your member's Only jackets, you were a not as much of fashion icon as everyone else. The brands became just as important as the look itself. The brand represented status and what social class you thought you belonged. The trend to not only look the part but pay for the brand started as a trend that continued into the future. 

The 1980's produced a dramatic change to fashion that in some instances can still be felt today, it also produced some trends that are better off forgotten.